Wild is the Wind

Two incredible, yet very different, performances of “Wild is the Wind.”

Praised by many as Bowie’s best vocal performance, although I personally think that honor goes to “Sweet Thing.”

This woman is a talented beast. Just look at her biceps!


Audible Hot Chocolate

I’m fairly certain it has snowed every day in Grand Rapids this month, but having lived in Michigan the majority of my life I’m not really one to complain about snow. The only qualm I usually have about snow involves driving in it, but since my Aztec is a beast I no longer have that concern.

But it is that time of year when snow stops being magical and festive and starts being cold and not fun. My own personal remedy for frigid weather is to listen to music that reminds me of  water that isn’t frozen (besides popsicles). You might say I’m revisiting my summer jams a bit, but all in all I think these tunes imitate a vague feeling of  warmth quite nicely.

I listened to Teen Dream an unhealthy amount last winter. Partially because I want to marry Victoria Legrand’s voice, and partially because the sound palette encapsulates a summer haze: droning keyboards, earthy vocals,  and sparse guitar. The only reason I hesitate to include this is because the lyrics are kind of a downer, but I suppose you’re allowed to be sad during the summer.

You know how you can blast music with your windows down in the summer without a) breaking them and b) freezing to death? Yeah.

Oh, yes. Lo-fi surf-inspired rock. I listened to so much of you last summer, and you make me feel so toasty when it’s cold outside. It’s actually fortunate that I like lo-fi surf-rock because they have a tendency to play cheap shows where I live.

On a weirder (but not completely unrelated) note, I’ve been listening to this a lot lately because I have this fantasy about how in the future there will be a interstellar beach resort and this will be playing all of the elevators:

Glory Days

Okay, so 2010 was incredibly awful. So much, in fact, that I didn’t even bother to compile a top ten albums list, or 50 best songs list, or whatever kind of list people generally use to gain annual closure. Don’t get me wrong, there was an overabundance of good music this year (chillwave, Beach House’s Teen Dream, and Janelle Monae come to mind). But in light of the Gulf Oil Spill, Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” winning Album of the Year, and Don Draper crying, I simply wasn’t comfortable with it. By the time December rolled around, I was so over 2010.

Nothing can sum up my sentiment towards 2010 better than this (warning for those of you who didn’t listen to music this year–expletives involved):

Now that’s out of my system…2011! The Year of the Rabbit! And I’m a Rabbit! The fact that I know next to nothing about the Chinese Zodiac does nothing to stifle my enthusiasm and optimism for the new year. Instead of reflecting on the past year, I’m presenting to you an arbitrary number of things (in no particular order of preference) that are happening in 2011 that I am far more motivated to blog about:

1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor tours North America

If any long-dormant volcano erupts this year causing a mass-rearrangement of travel plans, let us hope it will merely be a metaphor for how explosively awesome this is.

2. M.I.A.’s Vicki Leekx Mixtape

Already available for download at this website, the zeitgeisty, 36-minute track begins with a Julian Assange quote. It also features work by Diplo, previously leaked material from  /\/\/\Y/\, and a sample from Nicki Minaj’s infamous verse from “Monster.” That “bad b*tch that came from Sri Lanka” line is suddenly tickling my brain fruits…

3. Half of Flight of the Conchords is supervising the music for the upcoming Muppets film

Bret McKenzie  is writing songs for The Greatest Muppet Film Ever Made! WHAT ISN’T AWESOME ABOUT THIS?

4. Lupe Fiasco – LASERS

My favorite hip-hop artist is finally releasing his new album on March 8th! I’ve been listening to “I’m Beamin” (see below) for almost a year. I AM SO READY FOR THIS.

5. Lady GaGa – Born This Way

Think what you will about Lady GaGa. All I know is that she is f***ing awesome and when I want to have fun, Mother Monster never lets me down. Her second full-length album is set for release on May 23rd, with a premier of the first single, “Born This Way” on February 13th. Currently, she’s claiming Born This Way will  be musically monumental (something about it being the “soundtrack of our generation” and how “freedom is trendy”)…whatever. As long as she includes some dope dance tracks I will be more than content.

More excitement is induced by the image GaGa recently tweeted (see below).

Given her propensity to push the boundaries of fashion, I’m predicting that the new year will be saturated with unicorns, a transcendence beyond pantsless-ness, and Bruce Springsteen. Compare with this:

(In an uncanny moment, I realized that the first song I listened to in 2011 was “Dancing in the Dark.” It’s assuredly a sign of many good things to come! The more I spin Born in the U.S.A. on my turntable, the more this year rules.)

Here is where I lift my electronic glass of champagne to the new year. A toast to musical innovation, avoidance of catastrophe, and being totally boss.

*Sip, sip*

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Yeah, I’ve been kind of busy.

Here’s some stuff I like right now.

Age of Adz

Anywho, I do have plans for this thing. I moved back to Michigan about a month ago so I’m trying to gather my wits here. I’ll feel a lot less guilty about blogging once I have a job!


Theoretically, I should be really excited for the new Tron movie, because Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack and my love for Daft Punk surpasses normalcy.

Imagine my disappointment upon listening to this (audio clips in the link):


Oops! How naive of me to assume that a Disney remake would feature funky, disco-inspired French House music. This basically sounds like your typical film composer tossing a couple Daft Punk-esque nuances in there in an attempt to make it sound more interesting. Perhaps it was unfair to expect more from them–as much as I’m dying to listen to a new Daft Punk album, I can understand that this music was made for a movie, and all film scores basically sound the same these days.

But still…two guys dressed as robots composing a cheesy, brooding orchestral film score is a weird acclimation.

How Soon Is Now

I was just listening to this song by The Smiths:

I thought to myself, “I’ve heard these lyrics before. Like, long before I could appreciate The Smiths.” After a bit of research, I found this:

Wow. I never would have expected that from my number one guilty pleasure band. Interesting.

Summah Jamz

It is finally cooling down after a inexorable heat wave in Syracuse.  These days I like to bring my music out on the front porch and enjoy the breeze (I might even witness some interesting urban neighborhood activity every once in a while).  More than a few of my friends have compiled summer playlists, and I felt compelled to do the same since I have my own heat-inducing surf rock, breezy ballads, and sexy 80s beats that I enjoy during the summer.

So! Here’s music for front porch jammin’… and sand castle buildin’, windows down cruisin’, marshmallow roastin’, and any other summer activity that suits your fancy. Enjoy!

P.S. Like the new layout?